The Firm

GPG Advisory Partners was founded to provide legal, tax and financial business development counsel to corporate, sovereign, institutional and individual clients.


The complex and volatile local and international regulatory network in which our clients operate requires an in-depth integral understanding of the legal, tax, economic and financial vectors of change. GPG Advisory Partners articulates this knowledge in intelligent strategies to design and achieve our clients’ commercial interests and goals.


We deliver flexible yet long-range solutions tailored to the specific opportunities and risks each client faces, so that they may avoid, anticipate and even capitalize on market shifts.


Andrés Garfunkel
Mario Pallaoro
Nicolás Garfunkel
Santiago J. Mora
Patricia González Presedo
Micaela Inés Geiderman


Our team at GPG Advisory Partners is drawn from experienced professionals in leadership positions across the finance, manufacturing, real estate and agribusiness industries as well as the legal, tax, banking and international consulting firms.

GPG Advisory Partners works closely with our clients throughout the entire process of situation analysis and solution development. We are driven by the belief that the keys to our clients’ success lie in the uniqueness of each venture and the strategic interaction with its legal, tax and financial network.


Av. Córdoba 315, 1º
C1054AAC, CABA, Argentina
Tel: +54 11 4313-6644 / 6655


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